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    We are happy to inform you that Business&Law continues cooperation with The European Centre of Arbitration (see previous post: http://businesslawblog.eu/2014/02/18/patronage-over-arbitration-academy/). This time Business&Law took media [...]


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pfa We are happy to inform you that Business&Law continues cooperation with The European Centre of Arbitration (see previous post: http://businesslawblog.eu/2014/02/18/patronage-over-arbitration-academy/). This time Business&Law took media patronage (supporting blog position) over Polish Forum of Arbitration. The Organizer of the event – European Centre of Arbitration (eca.org.pl) – is an independent, apolitical nonprofit social organization, leading in educational, informational and academic activities in the field of arbitration. We cordially invite to take part in the Polish Forum [...]   read more

ID-10058777 I had a great pleasure to participate in the seminar “Living with competition law issues” organized by the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA) in partnership with the International League of Competition Law (ILCL), the National Bar Council and the Warsaw Bar Council. The seminar was held on 14th March 2014 under the honorary patronage of Dr. Małgorzata Krasnodębska-Tomkiel – former President of the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. The said event created a [...]   read more

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Adam Pasierbek & Mikołaj Firlej about Business&Law news! Is your bank using XP? – On April 8th, Microsoft is set to cease providing support for the Windows XP software. While this move may have little impact on the individual users, a more curious problem relates to the XP’s importance for the financial infrastructure. Most notably, around 95% of the ATMs in the World run an appropriated version of XP, which means that their operators will either [...]   read more

mortgage-180x180 ENVIROMENTAL ISSUES IN INVESTMENT PROCESS – Part 5 of 5 Environmental impact assessment (“EIA”) includes the procedures described in this Section 3, all aimed at ensuring that the environmental impact of planned projects is taken into account before they are constructed. These procedures constitute a transposition into the Polish legal system of the EIA Directive on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment, introduced in 1985 (Council Directive [...]   read more

ID-10010813 Anyone with a general interest in European affairs must surely be aware that since the recent crisis the EU, like most major governments around the World, took keenly to regulating its financial system. Not everyone, though, is aware that its regulatory framework is taking shape just as those words are being typed.   Let us start with a bit of history. In 2009 (which now feels like a decade ago), a group of experts under [...]   read more

ID-10076752 With global economies recovering from the financial crisis and major financial hurdles in the United States coming to an end, mergers and acquisitions (“M&As”) have started to pick up around the world.   Introduction Businesses operating in the Middle East and the Gulf Co-operation Council (“GCC”) region are yet again considered, by foreign investors, attractive acquisition targets, especially in light of the World Expo 2020 to be hosted by the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) and [...]   read more

oecd2 Poland’s economic performance has been impressive over the past 15 years, but further reforms are now needed to put the economy firmly back on track for stronger and sustainable growth, according to the OECD’s latest Economic Survey of Poland. The Survey, presented today in Warsaw by OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría and Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Janusz Piechociński, highlights the need for measures to make the labour market work better, strengthen product market competition, overcome strong demographic headwinds [...]   read more

arrow-15655_150 As I am writing this article, Russian grip tightens around the Crimea, and the political future of the entire Ukraine is far from certain. While not wanting to appear overly cynical, we find it worthwhile to pose a simple question: what does the Ukrainian crisis mean for Poland economically?   It seems reasonable to consider the possible impact of the crisis through three key dimensions: how much longer will it take to resolve, how destabilising [...]   read more

mortgage POLAND: PERMITTING IN CONSTRUCTION PROCESS – Part 4 of 5   The actual permitting in construction process will depend of the local conditions and characteristics of the facility concerned; therefore, it should be analysed on a case by case basis. Depending on the facilities to be constructed it will be necessary to either obtain a building permit or simply an obligation to notify the relevant authority about intended commencement of construction works (zgłoszenie). It should [...]   read more

logo AA We are happy to inform you that Business & Law took media patronage over Arbitration Academy – brand new project organized by European Centre of Arbitration. ArbitrationAcademy is five seminars dedicated to students and legal professionals who are eager to get some information about arbitration law in relation to business practice.   ArbitrationAcademy is a prestigious event with influential keynote speakers and valuable networking opportunities for students and professionals. More details about particular meetings you find [...]   read more